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Indivisible and Inseparable questions the meaning of homeland and related contemporary issues of post transitional countries in the geopolitical environment. Over the years, an “everlasting” progress towards alliances and unions have become nothing more than populism trend which gradually dominated over all other issues and concerns. With the purpose of amplifying those “system errors”, this video combines elements of recycled, generic political speeches and national mythologies with trivia and misuse of statistics. Computer interface and complex structure of overlapping footage is used in order to create a notion of transitional hybrid, a paradox representation of one’s home (self) imposed image.

Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale / Tirana / Durres, May 4-9, 2017

The conflicts, crisis and oppressions that have been present in the long historical term now call for the redefinition of the imaginary. For example, the once Orientalized perception of the Middle East, appropriated by harsh reality, resulted with a brutalized image of the Mediterranean that needs to be rearticulated. The age bracket of BJCEM coincides with the age demographics that advertising aims to instrumentalise for the overproduction of material goods and thus the inherited (controversial) vision of the region at stake.

However, most artists under the age of 35 constitute the precarious, nomadic, yet radical force of the society that is capable of tackling the conflicts, crisis and oppressions from a non-compromising standpoint. The times call for a meaningful artistic action to clearly and defiantly suggest a way of dealing, beyond divisions, with the complexities of the Mediterranean. The home in the decadent world might be a shelter, a mansion or a place for domestic labor, but it is always the smallest unit of power in the society that requires balance. It is also the sphere of conviviality that should be tackled in a way that it relates to the critical understanding of the contemporary condition.

The artists are expected to reflect upon the alternative conditions of artistic production and distribution that is capable of reviving the sense of belonging and proximity. The call for proposals is widely open from the image-based media (painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, digital art) to post-conceptual and discursive practices (installations, publications, audio, performance etc.).

Maja Ćirić / Mediterranea 18 Visual Art Curator

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